what is Sluňákov

The idea of Sluňákov and its activities is tied to efforts to strengthen the bonds between people and nature and the environment in which they live. I believe this pursuit is important because people are natural beings rooted to the living world and bound by a fragile web of relationships with everything they create. To put it simply: nature would manage just fine without human beings. There is hardly anything in the living world about which we can say the same thing. And this is precisely where I find the meaning of Sluňákov’s mission – about the sense to be humble and remain preferably silent. What is Sluňákov? It might be easier to say what it is not. It is not green; after all, nature is full of colours. It is not a political party; Sluňákov is an advocate of everything that lives in nature, with an awareness of its fundamental life-giving role. Sluňákov isn’t even a movement; it doesn’t want to promote something at any cost, it doesn’t aim to twist anybody’s arm. Instead, it would prefer to sensitively appreciate and cautiously offer a concept of nature in which all creatures exist in a web of intricate and variable relationships. In this way nature offers people its full bounty.
Sluňákov’s goal is to remain a viable organisation that provides valuable services to the local community – an organisation that reminds us that all of our strengths and weaknesses, joys and sorrows, all of our buildings, inventions and activities are based on the possibilities provided by nature.
I am extremely grateful to have a job where I don’t stare at the clock waiting for the end of the day to arrive; to have work that is meaningful to me and to be surrounded by wonderful fellow workers. I would like to say thank you to all of them, and would also like to invite you to visit us to talk about our common world and our joyful existence in and with nature.

Michal Bartoš, Director