history of Sluňákov

Sluňákov – the Olomouc Centre for Ecological Activities was founded as a public service organisation by the City of Olomouc in November 2006. The public service organisation of Sluňákov is a successor organisation of the Czech Association of Nature Guardians in Olomouc and the Sluňákov foundation and, later, civic group (since 1989). The activities of the organisation have always been closely associated with the Department of the Environment at the Olomouc Town Hall. Over the years Sluňákov has continued to develop according to a clearly established vision. Today the organisation has 16 employees and is based in a low-energy building surrounded by 15 hectares of original agriculture land that Sluňákov is transforming into a visitor exhibit on the nature of the Litovel Morava River Basin Protected Landscape Area.

Several important milestones in the history of Sluňákov:

1990 – the first year of the Olomouc Ecology Days festival (the festival lives on in the hands of Zdeňek Neubauer, Václav Bělohradský, Stanislav Komárek and others). Sluňákov begins to live with the confidence of the vision provided by Jaroslav Kadula, Jan Večeř and others. The selection of a field outside the town of Horka for the implementation of the Sluňákov Project (with the mission to create a visitor and education centre on the nature of the Litovel Morava River Basin Protected Landscape Area).

1992 – Long-term preparations for the Sluňákov Project in Horka nad Moravou (conception, idea, land).

1993 – Launch of regular Ecology Evenings for the public (these continue to this day).

1994 – Commencement of the conceptual environmental education activities for schools – a day program for schools at the Horka nad Moravou Infant School.

1995 – The first detailed architectural study for the current centre in Horka (Tomáš Lampar).

1996 – Negotiations for land in Horka.

1997 – Floods, re-evaluation of educational bio-centre project.

1998 – Implementation of Trees for Moravia project.

2000 – Sluňákov Project – centre for ecological activities (Tomáš Lampar, Jana Křenková, Martina Marušková, Roel ter Horst and Geerdien Krijnen from the Netherlands). Wetland revitalisation completed (Rozvišť Pond and pools (Atelier Fontes Brno).

2001 – Veenendaal Alley planted with the assistance of the Dutch city of Veenendaal (Olomouc partner city), including a bike path and benches.

2002 – Completion and filling of Rozvišť Pond along with the system of pools.

2003 – Architectural competition, plantings on the grounds.

2004 – Grant from the State Environmental Fund for the low-energy building and project documentation for the building.

2005, 2006 – Construction of the building is launched. Development activities, securing materials, continual work on project implementation in Horka nad Moravou.
2006 – Founding of the public service organisation with the support of the City of Olomouc, Petr Loyka, Miroslav Petřík and others. Transfer of employees from the Olomouc Town Hall Department of the Environment to the public service organisation. The main sponsor of a remarkable partnership project that brings the region CZK 18 million for environmental education. The “Information Centre for Environmental Education and Enlightenment – Nature OK” was successfully completed in 2008.

2007 – Commencement of activities in the newly completed low-energy building (investor: City of Olomouc with help from the State Environmental Fund; general contractor: IDOP Olomouc) with the great interest of schools and the public in the offered activities. Grand Prix of Architecture award (designed by Projektil Architects: Ondřej Hofmeister, Petr Lešek, Roman Brychta, Adam Halíř).

2008 – 1/4 of the Sluňákov budget is covered by the City of Olomouc as the founder, 1/2 by basic and supplemental activities and 1/4 by grants. The creation and realisation of environmental education residence programs for schools and original teaching materials for educators.

2009 – Intensive work on the project entitled “Nature House for the Litovel Morava River Basin Protected Landscape Area” – the realisation of a modern visitor centre for the public on the nature of the riparian forests in the wetlands along the Morava River in cooperation with the City of Olomouc, the Czech Agency for the Protection of Nature and the Landscape and the Litovel Morava River Basin Protected Landscape Area Administration. The project is being prepared by Projektil Architects in collaboration with Miloš Šejn, Miloš Fekar, František Skála, Zdeněk Sendler and Marek Banaš.