The Litovelské Pomoravi House of Nature

A unique gallery in the countryside, a natural recreational area in Horka nad Moravou and a natural gateway to the Litovelské Pomoraví Protected Landscape Area. The buildings and installations are designed to encourage visitors to a sensory perception of nature and help cultivate a relationship with the countryside of the Litovelské Pomorav í (the Morava Valley near Litovel). Within the grounds are buildings designed by František Skála, Miloš Šejn, Miloslav Fekar and Marcel Hubáček.

Gallery in countryside (PDF) – booklet on Artpieces and their Authors
Map of The Area (PDF) The House of nature in Litovelské pomoraví


The Garden of Eden (František Skála); Solar Mountain of Dreams (Miloš Šejn);
The Forest Temple, Kouzelný les a Bridges(Miloš Fekar); The fireplace of the Golden Spiral (Marcel Hubáček)

The Garden of Eden

František Skála describes his garden in the following sentences: “A garden of contemplation and time stood still. A garden for all senses, gophers and nonsense. A garden of sun and shade. A garden of sustainable decomposition. The animals and plants of Litovelské Pomoraví in the environment of a herbal monastic garden and rural backyard. Multiple meanings to develop children’s imagination, a prerequisite for creative thinking, the opposite of globalized standard thinking. The harmony of original building materials with nature. The human dimension of architecture connecting to folk buildings. The irreplaceability of unpretentious handiwork, deliberate inaccuracies adjusted by instincts, the opposite of the dictates of technology. Space, game, proportions, life, detail, light, shade, smell, sound. The aesthetics of rural tinkering at the monastic backyard. God is in the detail, the potato soup and is sitting on the windowsill. Explanations kill the magic and mystery. Tell only the trustworthy what you saw here.

lod1 lod2 lod3 skala
1. model | 2. and 3. The garden after completion in 2014 | František Skála

Forest Temple

The Forest Temple of oak poles is a place which tells the journey of the sun. From east to west, from light to darkness, from birth to death. There is a figure pointing towards the power of the sun on the floor of the lookout basket. There is a circle formed by four benches inside the Temple. We can recognize the four seasons, four cardinal points, four elements, explore our personality according to our date of birth, find our assigned trees according to Celtic tree astrology or our own animals according to the classical and Sluňákov zodiacs. Vertical poles show the position of the summer and winter solstice and equinox. The Temple serves as a natural classroom and also for relaxation in a place consecrated to nature.

 lesnichram1 lesnichram2 fekar
1.-3. Forest Temple in 2014 | Miloš Fekar

Solar Mountain

Miloš Šejn talks about his mountain: The Solar Mountain of Dreams is an artificial landscape structure inviting us to stop, penetrate into its inner gloom, and climb the grassy peak. The mountain overlaps a brook and contains a labyrinthine access corridor to the cave with a well and a number of places and objects designated for various forms of dialogues. There are two bells hung above the surface of the water well and above the peak of the mountain. One of them is dedicated to the earth and water, and the other one is dedicated to the sun and wind. You can look around the historic landscape of Pomoraví from the peak. You can experience a variety of sensory contacts in the underground area, such as walking, stopping, sitting or lying. The artistic rendition leads to the touch of human bodies providing quite fundamental visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and other experiences. Places for standing are actually beds for human feet; the human back fits snugly into the shape of the stone. Gloom, darkness, humidity, cold, murmur of the brook, flickering reflections of lights, presentiment of silhouettes and multiple echoes – these all have the power to lead the visitor to the source of their own childhood and the childhood of the world. The ideological content of the mountain is best expressed by listing individual places away from the south entrance through the cave and toward the exit of the north-eastern corridor: Meadow Gate, the Site of the First Dialogues of Red Jasper, Onyx Resting, Black Mirror, Rose Quartz Heart / the Well’s Bell, Armchair of Dreams, Bed of Dazzling Night, Sun Kneeling, Places for Fingers, Place of Silent Standing, Chalcedony Voice, Crystal Forehead, Earth Nika / Wind Nika / Water Nika / Sun fire Nika , Amethyst Arch, Forest Gate, Solar Bell. Spiral Mountain is a mountain of questions which occur to people: Who am I, what am I doing, where am I going?

hora3 hora1 hora2 sein
1. Mountain under construction | 2. Situation in September 2014 | 3. detail of the Water bell | Miloš Šejn

The Fireplace of the Golden Spiral

The Fireplace circled by a stone wall with a groundplan in the shape of the “Golden ratio”. You can sit on the stone wall by the Fireplace, the wall gradually elevates and there is a tree at the end of it. The tree is a symbol of the unity of life and fire and the warmth of life. Conversations, stories, songs and dances can be expanded by an awareness of your own unity with nature. This feeling is enhanced by the Spiral, whose shape we can see not only around ourselves, but also in plants, animals and even in the structures of Universe. Marcel Hunáček says: “Fire has accompanied mankind from time immemorial. Only when man learned the secrets of fire and was able to use it, did he become a man in the true sense of the word. Fire has become a part of all the rituals, sacred ceremonies and initiatory processes. And everyone subconsciously carries it within themselves, as if they secretly knew that fire was at their beginning and it will be at the end. Gazing into a fire is one of the most amazing things we can experience. That’s why even now we like to return to fire as a symbol of our connection with nature and universe. And the fireplace is becoming a kind of sacred place of the modern ritual of creation on the one hand and destruction on the other hand. Transformation occurs and new energy and new reality emerge. And that is why the Fireplace is in the shape of golden spiral which is itself a symbol of life and its expansion enhances this energy of transformation and eternal cycle of matter and consciousness. Fire, which is in the centre of the spiral evokes a small Milky Way and confirms the constant repetition of the microcosm in the macrocosm, as below, so above.”

ohmoste ohniste1  hubacek

1. model  |  2.-3. Fireplace in 2014  |  4. Marcel Hubáček

The Magical Forest

The Magical Forest is divided into three lobes sinking into forest cover at the far side of the park, near the Forest Temple. In the first lobe, there are mostly wooden objects which serve the purpose of identifying individual nuances in sound and touch, but also to recognize the richness of trees, the creation and destruction of matter. They show the natural transformation cycle of natural material. Some objects are placed here – “stromovník”, a tree xylophone, the decay and age of the tree, a tree telephone. In the second lobe, there are mainly metal and combined objects, which encourage empathy with movements of birds, animals, water and wind. Pipes for capturing the sounds of wind are also placed here. Another object can be used to simulate the movement of bird flight. And one piece tells the story of water retention in nature.


1. The Magical Forest of Knowledge: A group of features – a tree telephone – a tree trunk showing people how wood transmits sound from one end to the other; Animal jumps – a sandpit with marked distances of different animal jumps; Stromovník – a shelter with rotating tree trunks from Liteovelské Pomoraví. The bark of trees, cross-sections of trees and machined wood. The trees are lined up from those which are heavily dependent on water, to the ones from the driest habitats; – the age of a tree – sections of a tree trunk with annual rings, trees of different ages; -Tree decay—two tree trunks in different stages of decomposition. | 2. The Magical Forest of Sounds: A group of game features – a vibraphone – a circular instrument with a falling mallet; -Pipes – in contact with water emitting different tones when the wind is blowing; – Bird flight – railings which lead the hands of the walker in the same way that birds flap their wings | 3. By the Carbonized Tree: a shelter consisting of a carbonized tree trunk which was discovered underground on the premises during the excavation of the pond. The peephole exhibition inside the building and the opportunity to see soil profiles of different places in Litovelské Pomoraví.


Miloslav Fekar is the author of a group of oak bridges which facilitate the movement of visitors on the grounds. Each stop on the bridges is dedicated to the elements and also to the ability to perceive nature with all your senses while walking through the landscape. Visible signs inside each bridge refer to the radius, the power and spontaneity of the topic, they ask questions. Encrypted signs in Braille are a kind of game of seeing – the hidden, the known – the unknown… The places offer these topics: Perception through water, wind, fire, earth; Pilgrimage through the landscape and the journey of the sun; Human senses – taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing.

mostzeme mostchuti 
Bridge of The Earth | Bridge of Taste